Asus executive actually stated that the computer market in Europe, China and North America is currently on a downward trend. According to Lee, the downward trend in sales will continue in the

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coming months. However, Asus stated that they will not have stock problems as of 2022.

The absence of problems in computer stocks will positively affect both the new and second-hand

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PC market. Rex Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Asia-Pacific, who stated that “supply will be more than demand” in the market, gave the message that prices may decrease with the increase in stocks.

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The Taiwanese manufacturer is also now putting more emphasis on the production of mid-range premium laptops. Asus has begun shifting its PC strategy to models like the ZenBook

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and VivoBook series. (You can check out Asus’ latest ExperBook model from our video just above.)

Games are an indispensable part of our lives. According to a recent study, 78 percent of adults in our country are interested in games. This is a very serious number.


On the other hand, the game industry, which is growing day by day, opens the door to various opportunities. More and more people are making professional gaming their profession.

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Although this situation brings a serious income, it is necessary to make a technical investment beforehand. In particular, the quality of the computer, headset

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and peripherals such as the keyboard is of great importance. Pckolik store, which was established to meet these needs, will be put into service very soon. Here are the details…

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Pckolik’s game store opens in Florya, Istanbul!
The store, which aims to provide the best service for the players, will offer various opportunities and campaigns to its users as well as being easy to access. There will be everything from gaming equipment to live broadcast rooms that you can use for free.

At ckolik, representatives of many brands will work to provide information about the products sold. The opportunity to evaluate the price and performance between brands will also be offered to Pckolik users here.

Ready-made systems, computer components, peripherals, player accessories and player equipment will be available in the store. At the same time, experts in the subject will provide free consultation to customers, eliminating possible confusion.

Making a statement on the subject, Pckolik General Director and Art System CEO Serkan Kekik said:

The game industry is growing rapidly. The e-sports federation was established very recently. Our teams are performing very successful activities, and we are proud of them. Pckolik, an Art System initiative, is a project store for the Gaming industry and its players. Pckolik will include many professional brands.

Some of these include ASUS, RAZER, LOGITECH, CORSAIR, MSI, STEELSERIES ,NVIDIA, GIGABYTE, NZXT, THERMALTAKE, AOC, VIEWSONIC, BENQ, ZOWIE, LG, KEENETIC, WD, SEAGATE, AMD, INTEL, COOLER, MASTERINGSTONUS, Well-known brands of XPG, THRUSTMASTER, PATRIOT, TWINMOS, SAMSUNG. There are also different products in our newly established store. To give an example, devices working with a water-cooled system will be offered for sale in our store.

Pckolik store; Gultepe Mah. Florya Junction E-5 Yanyol Cad. 1.Bilge Sok. No:1 Küçükçekmece / will open its doors on May 16, 2022 at Art Sistem Plaza in Istanbul. 3000 products will be exhibited simultaneously in Pckolik, which will only serve players and e-sports enthusiasts.

Developed by NASA as the main launch vehicle for space exploration plans, the Space Launch System (SLS) shows bigger problems before each launch test. NASA provided more details on the issues that led to the cancellation of the most recent April launch.

The US space agency made critical statements about the new Space Launch System rocket. SLS, which has had problems with its launch pad three times before, continues to be a burden on NASA’s limited budget. Wet dress rehearsal problems, which NASA describes as “nuisance”, prevent the loading of fuel into the rocket and launch the launch. NASA shared its first detailed report for SLS problems.
NASA said work on returning the SLS rocket to the launch pad for the Artemis I Moon mission is nearly complete. Expressing that it detected the malfunctions in the launch tests, the agency stated that it had problems with the second stage engine evacuation system. There is no obstacle to the success of the new launch, as the defective parts are replaced.


Lexus RZ

Premium automaker Lexus introduced the all-new electric SUV Lexus RZ 450e with its world premiere. The RZ 450e, minecraft texture packs 1.18.1 Lexus’ first vehicle designed from the ground up to be electric; With its design, performance, technology free email without phone number verification and driving pleasure, it will set new standards in the electric premium world.

The RZ model enriches this experience by preserving the indispensable features of the brand in terms of performancebest minecraft mods 2021 and quality. The brand’s unique driving experience is blended with the features of electric vehicles. minecraft house ideas survival

Lexus’ new design language

Lexus has created a model that looks different from conventional vehicles by using open regions bank near me the design freedom brought by all-electric vehicles in the new RZ model. Described as the “new chapter” of Lexus design, this design bbt near me reveals itself with a unique look arising from the dynamic performance of the vehicle.

The front design of the vehicle was made in a way that immediately emphasizes that the RZ is a fully roblox release date electric vehicle. With the absence of an internal combustion engine, the hood was positioned lower and less air intake was included. queenslandmax com The “spindle grille”, which is a characteristic feature of Lexus models, has evolved kisscartoon nz with the RZ model and applied to the entire body of the vehicle in three dimensions.


The newly designed headlights are also combined with the grille of the electric vehicle. indexdjx:.dji The ultra-thin daytime running lights are designed to put more emphasis on the Lexus L-pattern. The side profile of the vehicle also godaddy email login secure server draws attention with its flowing lines. While the sharp design at the front emphasizes the power of the vehicle, the SUV style couchtuner for movies of the RZ, which offers a comfortable space and has strong driving capacity, is highlighted towards the rear.

In addition to this design, the long wheelbase of 2,850 mm also emphasizes the low center of gravity and weight balance. However, with a length of 4,805 mm, the RZ was 1,898 mm in width and 1,635 mm in height.


The all-electric character of the RZ is supported by a high-tech look in the rear design as well. Copier lease The split rear spoiler makes reference to the vehicle’s wide stance, while also contributing to the balanced performance of the RZ. The lane interior design in pune lighting extending across the width of the vehicle also draws attention as a distinctive feature of the new Lexus design.

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Electric ‘Lexus Driving Signature’ on the RZ
Lexus has not compromised on an exciting and intuitive driving experience in its all-electric model, vegas insider secrets either. Developing the RZ focused on the three key components of the Lexus Driving Signature: comfort, control and handling. In addition to all these, the advantages of fast response and high sensitivity provided by electric vehicles were used to the fullest.

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While giving importance to a natural driving feeling in ride quality, RZ’s new platform also made important contributions such as less weight, optimum weight distribution and rigidity. RZ’s battery pack; It was integrated into the chassis, under the cabin, lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity, resulting in better chassis stability and handling.

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The RZ is equipped with the Lexus e-axle used for the first time on the UX 300e. This compact package acinGov configurar selos temporais containing a motor, gear and ECU; placed between the driven wheels. In the RZ, the e-axle is positioned front and rear under the DIRECT4 site all-wheel drive system. Thus, the traction and power distribution of the vehicle can be optimally adjusted according to the driving conditions. onourhouse

The e-axle works silently, efficiently and transmits power with precision. The site RZ’s electric motors produce a combined 230 kW (313 HP), with 150 kW at the front and 80 kW at the rear. site The engines with superior power density site also contribute to the layout of the vehicle, while being compact, helping to obtain more living space inside. site

The new DIRECT4 system, powered by two e-axles, was also used for the first time in the RZ. site DIRECT4, a special Lexus technology, automatically distributes the power between the four wheels without site interruption. As a result, the driver gets a precise and intuitive ride as site well as balanced handling without stress. The DIRECT4 system works faster than any site mechanical system, changing the front-to-rear torque balance from zero to 100 or from 100 to zero in milliseconds. site

More efficiency, range and durability in Lexus’ electric
The RZ is equipped with a 96-cell lithium-ion site battery with an output of 71.4 kW. Positioned under the cabin as a part of the platform, the battery also lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity. site While Lexus was developing the battery, durability was one of the key points. Thanks to Lexus’ extensive site experience in battery management technologies, the RZ is expected to retain more than 90 percent of its site capacity even after 10 years of use.

Lexus will share more detailed information site about the RZ’s driving range and battery charge times in the coming periods. However, the RZ is expected to travel more than 400 kilometers on a single site charge, according to mixed WLTP consumption standards. Thanks to the focus on key factors such as site optimized vehicle weight, battery power and performance, the RZ’s 100 kilometers